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Virtual Art Gallery

Life is fun and happy if we want to see it that way. This virtual art show is dedicated to life.


Welcome to the alternate realities that exist in the depths of our minds and come alive through the beat of our hearts.

Click on each image to see the respective collection.

Perfect Couple - MonkeyTwerk


Pop Art Collection

Colors melting with each other in all kinds of fun ways, creating stories that don't really have a beginning or and end, but that take us to places where our inner kids are once again our friends.


Sticker Collection

MonkeyTwerk is an electronic music project that started in 2011, and it's message of fun and love for life was initially communicated through stickers. 130 stickers were produced from 2015 to 2018 in 4 different batches. This is the entire collection,

MonkeyTwerk Sticker-93.jpg
Wet Dreams - MonkeyTwerk


Other Worlds Collection

They say that an image is worth a thousand words, but they never tell us that an image is worth a whole new world. This collection features worlds that exist in the reality of our dreams, and in the dreams of our realities.


Happy Sunsets Collection

When the night arrives, one special kind of light sets the mood for unimaginable beautiful moments. Neon icons representing the flavor of sweet sunset moments.

Sweet Sunset - MonkeyTwerk.jpg
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